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You probably wonder what an “injector knife” is. It’s simple, it’s a knife that has a CO2 gas system, that forces gas into anything you stab.

It uses a 24g CO2 cartridge, a hollow tube through the blade, and a trigger. Anything you stab into, it forces 800 PSI of CO2 into the wound, causing a basketball size wound cavity, also freezing the wound so it does not bleed.

Friggin kewl? Yeah. Made for divers as a predator defense. You could stab a shark that was trying to eat your face off, hit the trigger, and blow his stomach out through his ass. Also sealing the wound, and causing the carcass to be buoyant. It floats away and bleeds away from you. Let his buddys eat his ass instead of yours.

It works the same on land. Stab a hog into the torso or guts, hit the trigger, and done. Useful for defense from any large predator. Awesome.



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